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Hollywood Boulevard

(Singapore, 2014)

Singapore (April 2014)

I have to pass 1 book, 1 movie, 1 song thematic analysis on the 31st. 

I read J.K. Rowling. I read Rick Riordan. I read Lemony Snicket. I read Suzanne Collins. I read John Green. ALL FOREIGN WRITERS.

TIME FOR CHANGE. I saw this book at National Bookstore on Independence Day. IT IS A SIGN!! (ha! Yes, I believe in signs) 

I’m happy that this book was written in English… Admit it! You’re also having a hard time reading Filipino stories…(or is it just me?)

The beautiful thing about this book is that it is set during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. It’s actually about art…and romance. 

Ebooks are available at Amazon and FlipReads.

It is a dream to wake up to this view everyday.

I am very touched with my friends’ thoughtfulness. I’m glad that they haven’t forgotten about me while they were enjoying their vacation.

Name plate from my friend,Erika, who spent her summer in California.

A late birthday gift from Mr. J who spent his summer in Singapore. 

Gryffindor pin from my cousins who spent their summer in the East Coast of United States. 

One morning at the aiport.

These trees welcomed us to Gardens by the Bay.

Some of the few things I saw around Haji Lane.

Last December, days before Christmas, while my mom was at my uncle’s house, she texted me, “there’s a cute dog here in your uncle’s house.” My mom doesn’t like dogs, so it would be weird expecting her to bring home one.

When she arrived home, I was SO SURPISED (!!!) to see a little furball in her hands. It was so cuuute!! She told me not to hold it yet because it needs to take a bath first. I asked her,”what made you decide to adopt a dog, ma?”

She answered me,”it was kawawa in your uncle’s house, just running around the putikan, it’s so cute pa naman.” In that moment, I realized my mother has a little thing for dirty, cute dogs. hehehe 

Now, my little furball is a spoiled dog who sleeps in our bedroom with his own dog bed. 

Marina Bay Sands from behind. 

Some of the things I saw around Universal Studios Singapore.


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